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The best way to decide for yourself if you need our services is to read the testimonials from our graduates. Our training makes a real difference in the lives of dogs and their pet parents.

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A Few of Our Facebook Reviews

Jessica V.

Jessica V.

We love PUPS! Our Rottweiler puppy was starting to show aggression and possessiveness over bones and toys, and we needed him to be safe to be around our 5 year old. We learned that our pup thrives on learning and we are in a much better place now! We use the tools and commands at home and keep up all the progress that was made during his Bootcamp at PUPS. We have also boarded our dog with PUPS while taking a long weekend vaca. It was a great way for him to get some extra training in!

Kim S.

Kim S.

I cant say enough good about PUPS

Our girl Gretta was out of control with just about everything. Pulling hard on leash mouthing very heavily ,jumping no self control. I was on the fence as to keep her or not. In one week she stayed for the give me peace class and learned soo much.
i could now walk her loose leash holding it only with a few fingers. I was taught how to communicate with her using voice and e collar and prong collar. She goes to day care one day a week that is a brush on skills and play time with other dogs.
PUPS is the reason we still have her.

The last week we have been walking off leash and she gets an A+ on recall so our 100-lb, 7-month-old German Shepherd is happy and well behaved. All Thanks to the great work done here.

Lisa K.

We have a different life with Storm now! He has been so great to greet, go for a walk with ( my arm stays in the socket), he listens, no one is getting knocked aside so that he can escape, haven’t had to use all the tools even. Thank you so much, our arms thank you, our fear of opening the door is gone.. he is a sweet dog and now he is a calmer guy. Thank you so much!!!!

Connor M.

Couldn’t recommend PUPS more. Brought in a 3 year old beagle who was incredible aggressive toward other dogs on our walks, fearful of strangers, and would run off on me the first chance he got. After the first couple sessions with Chelsea, I noticed a huge improvement. Now he is no longer aggressive towards other dogs, comes to me when called, and is finally breaking out of his shell. I am amazed by the results! Thank you PUPS!

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