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The best way to decide for yourself if you need our services is to read the testimonials from our graduates. Our training makes a real difference in the lives of dogs and their pet parents.

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A Few of Our Facebook Reviews

Donna C.

Donna C.

After doing 2 private training sessions with Chelsea, our 1 yr old husky Denali has learned positive leash manners and is working on recall. Not only that, but her tips and advice has helped me to become a better pack leader. With 3 huskies in the house it is imperative to have manners, boundaries and proper training. I can’t say enough about PUPS and their techniques. Honestly you don’t know what’s possible until you try. I highly recommend PUPS and their services.

Coreysha S.

Chelsea is wonderful and really understands how to design an effective behavioral training program. Chelsea not only understands dogs, she is great with people and has designed an effective training program to help teach humans to be better dog parents (handlers, coaches, trainers). We are so happy to have a dog that understands/ responds to commands, is calm, and has a job to do. The entire family (children, another dog, amd cats) are all happier and are benefitting from Chelsea’s program. All those tasks we used to avoid (in-town walks, entering dog friendly businesses) is now a fun opportunity to maintain skills for both our dog and the people he looks to for direction. Our other dog is also starting to behave better because we are more confident and consistent with communication. Life is so much easier after the “Give Me Peace” 5- day board and train program!

Erica G.

Where to begin? First, look no further for training for your dog. You’ve found the right and only place.

I feel so lucky to live close enough to have Peace and Unity Pet Services available (an hour drive and worth it!). Chelsea came to my home for a consult and observation of my 2 dogs.

She put me at ease because I was a ball of stress over the idea of letting anyone have my boys for any amount of time. I knew they needed it for a better life so we can communicate though. They did the 2 week board and train. So hard being away from them!

Chelsea was available via text and sent me a photo and update daily. This was huge for me, I needed that.

After 1 week my husband and I went to learn what the boys had been learning and visit with them. Week 2 was even harder being away but seeing their progress from Chelsea and the off leash training was amazing. Seeing them run free and be able to come back was worth every second of missing them.

Chelsea posted videos, so many in fact that I do not know how she does it all. Every second of every day Peace & Unity Pet Services is dedicated to your dog. They’ve opened their home, communication, and lives to this and I’m very thankful they have.

We will be back for pet sitting services that are available to dogs they have trained. Thank you Peace & Unity! – Erica & Jordan (Easton & Quincy!) 🐶🐶

Alli T.

Alli T.

We brought our best buddy Bruno to stay with Chelsea for 3 weeks for the Save our Dog program. I will be very honest that it is not easy leaving your dog with someone you don’t really know for 3 weeks!!

Chelsea is so great about checking in and providing updates to provide us with confidence that our dog is doing okay. Bruno has now been home with us for a few weeks and he is a completely different dog. He has always been cuddly, loving, and sweet, but Chelsea truly helped provide us with “peace & unity” in our home. We tried everything for Bruno. -He could not walk along a road with cars without lunging and barking at them.

He pulled me down on multiple occasions. -He could not ride in the car without losing his s*&^ constantly. We couldn’t even risk using the windshield wipers. It was dangerous to drive with him. -We moved to a quieter area mainly because he constantly barked and growled at the window all. day. long. at cars, people, and dogs walking by. -Any time we tried to make him do something he didn’t want, like move from a place he was comfortable, or close the door to the car while he was worked up, he would snap and try to bite us. It was truly a nightmare.

3 weeks with Chelsea has completely changed our lives! She used tools that work and taught us how to use them, too. She provided Bruno with structure and expectations that he now knows are what he is supposed to be doing. We now go on walks daily with Bruno on busy roads with many cars, people, and other dogs.

He lays down next to me while I sit outside and drink a coffee at a coffee shop. He does not react to trucks, busses, or moving things anymore! He rides in the car calmly laying down and does not react to things. He has yet to BARK since he has been home. He does not hang by the window and look for things to react at, but instead relaxes on his place.

We can take him places and do fun things! This process does require patience, structure, and hard work, but we cannot thank Chelsea enough for the service she has provided us.

We will be forever grateful while we continue to enjoy our new lives with our best bud! Send your dog to PUPs!! You Will not regret it!

Page M.

After completing a 2 week Give me Peace board and stay, both my dog and I have learned new skills. PUPS works with the dog as well as the owner to ensure success! I would not hesitate to recommend!!

Carline Ann

Had the most wonderful experience with PUPS! My dog, Mack, spent 3 weeks with Chelsea for the Save my Dog Program and made the most amazing progress. Thanks PUPS for giving Mack and I the confidence that we both so desperately needed to take on this big world 🥰

Renee W.

Renee W.

We can not recommend PUPS and Chelsea (as well as Phelan and Grim 🙂) enough. They really truly did save our dog Ruger.

We adopted him back in March from Florida with some known fear issues but nothing we thought we couldn’t handle. Turns out we definitely couldn’t handle it.

He would lunge and bark aggressively at any dog that went by as well as cars and people. We got to the point that we couldn’t even walk him unless it was somewhere where there were no triggers.

He had pulled me down numerous times and his world was becoming smaller and smaller. Since we took him to PUPS his world has opened up again. I’m much more confident when taking him on walks and I know I have the tools to correct anything that needs to be. He has learned how to just be and it has made our lives so much better and our relationship with him much stronger.

We love PUPS and plan on sending him for fun times with other happy dogs. Thank you PUPS!!!

Jessica F

“We did our homework when selecting a trainer for our 1 year old German Shepard and landed on our vet’s suggestion: PUPS Maine in Unity, Maine. After reading the testimonials on the Facebook page and watching their training videos, I decided to give them a call. I was pleasantly surprised when the trainer started questioning me! We talked for a while on the phone and I knew she was the right person for our girl. There was an extensive intake process where I was able to provide such great detail about my dog that I felt the person reading it would truly have a good idea of who she is.
Chelsea is the real deal when it comes to dog training. Our dog Dani attended a 3 week Board and Train program to address her anxiety. She was biting people she knew! After biting her third person (two in our home), I was ready to rehome her. If I were being honest, she was making our lives hell around the house, and with three young boys always there to work her up, I knew Dani needed more than we could and had given her. She deserved more and we were not giving it to her. I didn’t know how to help her and I couldn’t get ahead of her anxiety. She paced, jumped up on counters, lunged after cars on walks, barked incessantly when people would walk by our house, became aggressive with strangers, ate every stick of Chapstick I ever owned and, well, basically did whatever she wanted.

Fast forward a month and we have a much calmer, happier dog. She relaxes on her “place” on command and will stay there regardless of distractions (and BELIEVE ME, there are plenty). She stays calm when people come into the home and waits for a command to “break” before she checks new people out. She is comfortable with other dogs and clearly enjoys being around them. It’s like they have unlocked her potential as a dog! We now have a schedule for her, my son can take her for a walk without fear of being dragged to the ground and I am much more confident as a dog owner to tell people how to, or how not to interact with her upon meeting. I have felt my own fears and anxiety lessen drastically since she returned. The kids are constantly commenting on what a good dog she is now. Oh, and I can leave my Chapstick wherever I damn well please.

When we picked our dog up we were trained on how to work with her. We were given a wealth of videos, blogs and other reading materials including a copy of The Good Dog Way to read while Dani was in training. In other words, we didn’t just send her somewhere to be trained. We all trained along with her.

To be fair, she was always a good dog. Chelsea knew it right away. If you are looking for a trainer who knows dogs psychology and the ins and outs of behavior modification like the back of her hand, I highly recommend PUPS Maine.

PUPS Maine really is in it for the right reasons: to help families and their pets become better, together.”

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