Janice C.

Chelsea and Phelan were amazing with Charlie. PUPS “save my dog” program was our only option left. We had Charlie ever since she was 7 weeks. She was not our first working dog but for sure our first reactive dog. Charlie started day training at 12 weeks at a different facility. Training was going well but covid hit and new staff started at training facility who teased Charlie. Once we found out she was 16 weeks and scared of everything. Could not trim her nails to even bath her. We then found other trainers who said they could help but they could not and that’s when the biting started. Charlie was going after everyone in the house that came into same room as me. She was dangerous and our vet suggested putting her down. We changed vets to one that wants to help Charlie and suggested a few trainers but none would take her breed. I just happen to have a acquaintance in TN that has Malis who was friends with Robert Cabral a trainer. I was at my end trying to find someone to help us. Cabral had suggested a friend but they could not take her but suggested PUPS. I was nervous since I would be 3 hours away. I met with Chelsea for a visit and she was not intimidated by Charlie and I knew we had the right person. Chelsea and Phalen worked hard and we could not be more greatful. Charlie is home and doing great and we are safe in our home. Chelsea and Phelan you both are amazing and thank you.


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April 4, 2023