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Private Lessons

Are you ready to put in the work to have a well-behaved dog? Our private training lessons give you the boost you need to train your dog on your own. We give you the right tools for communication and personally coach you through effective training protocols depending on your goals.

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Private Lesson 

Crash Course or Individual Program

Whether you just want to get your feet wet or go at your own pace – private lessons are available on an individual basis.

There’s no need to struggle, big changes can happen in just one lessoon. Depending on your training goals and time able to devote to training at home, a single private lesson can jumpstart your relationship with your dog so you can work with them more enjoyably.

For puppies and dogs 8 weeks and up.

$150 per lesson

Includes training plan and resources
Additional tools may be required ($20-$200)

Single Private Lessons

Peace Walk Package

Reform your Walk with Private Coaching


Does your dog walk you? Learn how to take the lead and get your dog walking perfectly.

The way you walk with your dog says a lot about your relationship with them. You can establish a healthier bond with your dog just by changing the way you walk.

We’ll show you how to get the perfect walk in three (3) private lessons. You won’t believe what a difference it will make!

For dogs ages 4 months and up.

$350 for three (3) lessons

Includes training plan, resources, prong collar or slip lead ($25 value), 

3-session walk

Peace Walk + Off-Leash Recall Package

Personal Guidance for Fast Freedom

Want to give your dog the best gift of all? Unleash your dogs potential in our off-leash training package.

Nothing beats having a dog that can be trusted to return to you off-leash even around distractions. You and your dog will gain more freedom and enjoy the most of your adventures. The world will become your dog’s play ground in six (6) private lessons.

For dogs ages 6 months and up

$800 for six (6) lessons

Includes training plan, online resources, prong collar  or slip lead ($25 value), and Mini Educator Remote Collar ($200 value)

Peace Walk

Why choose OUR Private Lessons?

Private training


You decide how much hands-on help you need to continue training your dog. With flexible scheduling for multiple lessons, how fast we progress is entirely up to you. We provide homework and online resources for continued success.

time-efficient training


Don’t waste money and time with ineffective training techniques. We provide top-quality tools and holistic methods that specifically work for you and your dog. This reduces stress and confusion by providing clarity while learning new skills.

Reliable obedience


Your dog’s good behavior shouldn’t be limited to the home. Our private lessons can ensure that training doesn’t stop when you step outside or into a busy area. With  flexibilty to work in various locations, you will learn how to safely handle your dog where it really matters.

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30-minute consultations for $50 with flexible consult scheduling and consultation fee to be applied toward training with PUPS!

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