Save My Dob B&T

Save My Dog

21-30 Day Board & Train Package

For dogs (six months and up) with moderate to severe problem behaviors in need of exposure therapy and intense behavioral modification. Designed for dogs exhibiting anxiety, fear, resource guarding, reactivity, or aggression, and owners that are dedicated to learning and making necessary changes for a better life.

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Retreat Objectives

  • Crate manners
  • Handling and grooming
  • Muzzle conditioning
  • Stopping problem behaviors (lunging, biting, etc.) 
  • 24/7 Structured routine
  • ON leash basic obedience
  • OFF leash basic and long distance obedience
  • Duration commands
  • Counter-conditioning to triggers
  • Handler awareness and respect
  • Coping skills and default behaviors for stress
  • Relaxation training for a calm state-of-mind
  • Increase confidence
  • Build impulse control
  • Real world obedience
  • Command proofing around distractions
  • Safe socialization with other dogs, people, objects, sounds, etc.
  • Treadmill training (by request)
  • Any specific areas of concern not listed

Commands they will learn

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Heel
  • Come
  • Place
  • Break
  • Kennel
  • Out

Tools Included

  • Herm Sprenger Prong Collar ($25 value)
  • Quick Release Buckle – ($25 value)
  • Mini Educator ET 300 Remote Collar System ($200 value)
  • Long-Line Training Lead ($20 value)
  • “Love Them By Leading Them” by Sean O’Shea ($30 value)

Owner support included

  • Written training plan
  • Video resources
  • 1-2 hour mid-training session
  • 1-2 hour training session at pick up
  • Exclusive access to our online group page
  • Life-long online training support
  • Follow up visits as needed
  • Access to specialize boarding and daycare

Total investment: $2,600

  • 21-day Board & Train + Tools
  • Additional weeks: $900

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30-minute consultations for $50 with flexible consult scheduling and consultation fee to be applied toward training with PUPS!

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