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Group classes are a fun and interactive way to teach your dog new skills while working around others. These unique training classes are designed for puppies, dogs, and people of varying skillsets to learn how to communicate better together – in a real world setting!

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Beginner Foundation 

Get your dog under control and learn how to implement basic structure to create health habits. Ideal for owners with dogs that have mild-moderate behavioral issues to learn handling and communication skills while working around others. We will help you create a stronger and trusting bond between you and your dog. After completing 4 classes, your dog will receive our Level I: Foundation Training Certificate.

Beginner Group Class

Advanced Training

Are you ready to put your handling and communication skills to the test? We will help you and your dog gain confidence around many different distractions so you will be equiped for whatever life throws your way. After completing 8 group classes, your dog will receive our Level II: Real World Training Certificate. 



    • Minimum of one (1) private lesson.

    Class objectives

    • Leash skills
    • Stop problem behaviors (barking, jumping, etc.) 
    • Basic obedience
    • Increase confidence
    • Safe socialization with other dogs and people
    • Implementing structure for a well-rounded dog
    • Proof known commands
    • Work in public around different stimuli
    • Fine-tune focus skills
    • Avoidance training
    • Increase confidence for handler and dog
    • Safe socialization with other dogs and people
    • Long-distance recall with distractions
    • Trouble-shooting real world scenarios

    Commands they will learn

    • Sit
    • Down
    • Heel
    • Come
    • Place
    • Break
    • Good
    • No

    Available Tools

    Prong collar ($25)
    Ecollar ($200)
    Long-line ($20)
    Recommended Reading ($35)

    Owner support included

    • Written training plan
    • Video resources
    • Free pack walks or guided socials
    • Exclusive access to our online group page
    • Life-long online training support

    Total investment: $20/Class

    Plus any required tools based on your dog’s temperament 


    Held at the Waterville Riverwalk


    Why choose OUR Group Classes?

    Less stress


    Don’t waste money and time with ineffective training techniques. We provide top-quality tools and holistic methods that specifically work for you and your dog. This reduces stress and confusion by providing clarity while learning new skills. We will help you train your dog to fit your lifestyle.

    Learning levels for all


    By customizing our approach based on age and skill set, you get the most out of your time and energy. Each class is designed to acheive goals that are specifically benefical for the individuals participating. This means more successful training sessions and fewer set backs.

    cooperative obedience


    Your dog’s good behavior shouldn’t be limited to the classroom. Our group courses ensure that training doesn’t stop when you step outside or into a busy area. By working in an open location your dog will learn to be polite around all kinds of distractions.



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