Taking our pups to Chelsea for training saved our sanity!! Before training they were a nightmare to live with. The constant barking and jumping was so frustrating. Taking them for a walk was next to impossible. They both pulled, usually in opposite directions! They barked at everyone we encountered to the point that it was embarrassing and we just stopped taking them out. Susan in particular was absolutely out of control, having become an obedience class drop out after biting a previous trainer!!

After 11 days staying with Chelsea we had completely different dogs!! Now they walk smartly beside me and follow my commands when I decide which direction we are going in. They don’t bark at other dogs, bikes or people. It’s so enjoyable to go for walks now! When guests come to our home the dogs stay in their “place” until we decide if they can say hello. They are polite and there is no jumping. The dogs learned so much from Chelsea but so did I! I learned that in spoiling my babies I was actually making life more difficult for them. They need structure and rules to be confident and feel safe and they need me to be in control.

Peace and Unity is absolutely what we have in our home now!!!

Thank you Chelsea and Team!!!

Michelle S.
Waterville, Maine