Molly won the three week board and train with Chelsea. Molly is an anxious, fearful, reactive dog. She had gotten to the point that I didn’t take her out in public because she would bark fiercely and lunge and scare people. I was afraid she might bite someone or would pull out of my hands and get hit by a car.

I HIGHLY recommend this training and this trainer for reactive dogs. Molly is home now and has handled every single thing we have asked of her. We’ve had an injury in the family— ok me— so people are dropping in to bring food and check on me etc, which BEFORE Chelsea’s hard work, would have been a disaster. Now, MOLLY has the ability to calm down. She has learned that she can be ok, that she can settle in a hard or scary situation. And I have ways to communicate with her and tools to use, even while a little under the weather, to help her settle, to NOT explode, and to be out on walks again, to go places, see dogs, have company. This training has given Molly a much bigger and happier life. I’ll always be grateful.”

Gloria S.
Buxton, Maine