I would highly recommend PUPS. I called them in tears because my dog was aggressive and had bitten two family members. There was a major issue when he was crate training …. he has broken out of his crate multiple times. I would come home to a bloody scene and a beat up dog after him banged to break through a metal crate. I had given up on it and when I left him in my house he ate all my furniture. Chelsea trained him in 10 days to be crate trained…… he now chooses to go in his crate when he is fearful or uncomfortable around visitors.

The second but most important issue was the Max was being aggressive towards people he lived in same house with. Chelsea helped me as his owner realize that he needs a lot of structure. He now has a very good daily routine. He remains in a command at all times unless we are playing with him. It makes my life easier and Max thrives with feeling more secure.
Max recently underwent a total hip replacement without the help I received from PUPS this recovery would not have been very successful.

I plan to keep him coming back to learn more and more. I was advised to euthanize Max and I just couldn’t do it, a close friend said “I heard of a place in Unity give it one more shot.” I am so grateful I did because now we have a dog that loves us and we love him so much!

Lori G.
Standish, Maine