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We brought our 9 month old labrador to PUPS after trying other obedience trainings. Mitchell is a goofy exuberant dog but his jumping, mouthiness, ignoring us, and being fresh was unacceptable. After one private session with Chelsea, Mitchell was a different dog. The transformation was stunning. We have gone twice more and continue to see improvements. He now listens, heels, autosits, is no longer mouthy, no longer jumps on people, knows “place,” and is working on recall. He is still a work in progress, but Chelsea has given us the tools to help Mitchell find success. Chelsea, in her patient way, has the unique blend of connecting with both dogs and humans. We are deeply grateful we met her. One of the greatest compliments we can give Chelsea is when our friends and family who have known Mitchell since he was a young pup see him now and say, “IS THAT MITCHELL??!!” We say yup. Thanks Chelsea!!