It’s been just over 3 months since I brought my dog Seymour home from the 4 week “Save My Dog” Board and Train. I’m mad I didn’t find Chelsea sooner! She has really changed my life for the better and has given me my happiness and confidence back.

This was an extremely emotional turn around for me. Seymour was so fearful and thus aggressive towards humans and overexcited and reactive towards other dogs that I hadn’t taken him for a walk for about a year and a half. I would run him on the treadmill, play mentally stimulating games with him, and let him run in the backyard. I was stressed and scared of walking with him, but would feel bad going outside without my dogs so we’d all just stay home. My friends were scared to come over and my parents (who I live with) hadn’t even met him. Drop off with Chelsea was my worse fear come true. He had tried to bite Chelsea AT LEAST 10 times and there was nothing I could do that was able to stop him. The drive home was very emotional to say the least.

Since bringing Seymour home my world has completely changed. Walking the dogs is my favorite thing to do! I’ve had friends over multiple times and my dogs are able to be a part of the social event. Seymour will still hold place, but now he wags his tail and does a little wiggle when my friends look his way and say “Hi Buddy!”. My friends still haven’t build the courage to walk him themselves, but he’s able to walk with us! We walk by the elementary school and Seymour is focused on where I’m going instead of the kids that are running around. I’m no longer scared when I see another dog or person or BOTH (lol) walking towards me. Chelsea thank you so much. You’ve given me the tools I needed to feel confident as a dog owner and also have given me my life back. I’m excited to finally be able to plan a trip from my boyfriend and me because Chelsea also does pet sitting!