Before we sent our pups to PUPS, we were becoming very overwhelmed. Neither of our dogs walked well on leash, and both were reactive on walks. Our Shepherd barked and jumped in every building we walked into. Our beagle mix was afraid of and reactive to men and other dogs, and had even gotten into a few fights with other dogs. She was also difficult for us to train even with simple commands, as we couldn’t figure out what motivated her.

We were starting to feel like we would never be able to bring them anywhere with us. Choosing Chelsea and Phelan at PUPS was the best decision we could have made for them. They not only taught our dogs clear expectations and boundaries, but also taught us how to keep up with their training at home.

The difference in our dogs now is incredible. We can bring our dogs to family events and even to football games or in stores without worrying about how they will react and we even get compliments on their behavior. Walks are now a breeze.

Our previously anxious mix is now a happy carefree pup now that she knows expectations. We are so very thankful for everything Chelsea and Phelan did to help us and have recommended them to multiple people since getting our dogs back!