Our experience with PUPS has been nothing short of amazing. We have two dogs who we love more than anything, but over the past few years they have gotten into some serious fights. Some of those fights have resulted in emergency visits for both dogs and humans. We were at the point that we were keeping our dogs completely separate unless they were on leashes, and they were both terrible on leashes. They were also both reactive to other dogs and humans, barked incessantly, and got overexcited and jumpy when people came over. We were having to take separate cars when we brought them places, take separate walks, and make sure we were spending equal time with both the dogs separately—our lives were becoming so complicated.

We felt like we were at our breaking point, and then we found PUPS. After watching some of the videos and seeing the transformations in the dogs they had worked with, we knew we had to give them a try. We are confident now that this has been the best decision we’ve made for our dogs.

We entered our dogs into the four week “save my dog” board and train program. As dog parents, it was terrifying at first to leave our dogs with other people for that long — but Chelsea and Phelan got right to work showing us the benefits of this program. Within 24 hours, we had videos of our dogs walking in heel on leashes without ANY pulling. That was absolute something we NEVER thought we’d see. Two days later, they had our dogs in a “down” command and were throwing food around the dogs. Mind you, our dogs are VERY food motivated, but our dogs didn’t touch any of the food until they were told! Another thing we were sure we’d never be able to do with our dogs. Best of all, our dogs can be together AND listen to their handlers without unnecessary tension and conflict. We can communicate with them effectively and have mutual respect for one another.

The biggest thing PUPS did for us was show us, the humans, how to be better humans for our dogs. We now understand mutual respect, effective communication, and how to show our dogs they are safe and we have got this for them. For the first time in a long time, we are so excited about our future with our dogs. We couldn’t have done this without PUPS. We truly can’t thank them enough. All of our lives are changed for the better. We 100% recommend PUPS to anyone who wants a better relationship with their dog.